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Announcing the Mail Center

July 30, 2009 is now providing both its tenant and landlord users a Mail Center. The Mail Center organizes and saves all your rental lead mails for quick and easy reference and follow up. You don’t have to worry about leads accidentally getting deleted or find that lead mails were incorrectly filtered by your email provider. You can log in to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and view your Mail Center and manage all of your rental correspondence. All rental lead mails are saved for forty five days.
The Proprietary Mail Server Technology allows our editorial team to insure that only genuine and qualified leads are delivered to your mail center inbox. If any lead mails are suspected to be invalid or inappropriate, that lead is manually investigated by our editorial team before it ever reaches your Mail Center inbox. If you use your own private email account to communicate with a tenant or landlord, the editorial team can not insure the quality of rental lead mails.
The mail center works similar to any other email provider, but the advantage here is that our Proprietary Mail Server Technology is tailored specifically toward rental correspondence and not just general spam. All approved mails are immediately delivered to the mail center of the intended recipient. For example: if Tenant A sends an email to Landlord B, Landlord B will have an unread email message in his or her mail center instantaneously. If Landlord B does not check his or her mail center in within 2 hours, a lead notification email will be sent to Landlord B’s external email address notifying him or her that there is a new email message in the mail center inbox.
If you’ve ever managed an email inbox at Facebook or MySpace, then‘s Mail Center will be a breeze.‘s Mail Center takes it to the next level with extra tools and links to help tenants and landlords view listings and member details and previous correspondence will instantaneously protecting members from invalid or inappropriate emails.

United Kingdom Rental Map set

August 4, 2008

Good Afternoon,

This morning, we’ve set our United Kingdom section anew with a new map and area break down to better serve the rental needs of our users, including landlords and tenants, to both search and post their apartments, houses, rooms, shares and flats for rent more easily.

Our reinvention of the areas within is coming soon!

have a good one, offering 15% discount to Tenants

July 10, 2008

Happy Independence Day!  Sorry we’re a bit late on that, but we’ve been busy improving the site.  We can’t, however, let the big day go by without offering everyone in the world 15% off the registration free.  Now is the perfect time to find a new rental for a short or long term stay, vacation or other rental need, and we’re here to make things easier!  Head over to and search the current availabilities.  When you’re ready, go ahead and sign up for full membership.  In the Discount Code field, enter dnet15 and save 15% off the list price!  Start saving and enjoy your summer!

Have a good one,

Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama… eh…

May 22, 2008

We recently attended a ‘webinar’ that brought you up to speed on Yahoo Search Marketing’s changes to Panama, their pay per click advertising platform that’ they’ve modified from the simple brilliance of Overture, which they bought way back when.

The big change is that they’ve done away with the 10 cent minimum bids.  They used to be 5 cents, but that was a long while ago.  (Google is still 5 cents.)  Now, there are a number of factors that contribute to your (that’s YOUR) minimum bid for a given keyword.  The ad copy, the landing page and other factors go into calculating your ‘quality index score’ (we think), and this somehow calculates YOUR minimum bid.  We keep saying ‘YOUR’ because as we understand it, two users who bid on the same keyword could have a different minimum bid.  Imagine if you went to the grocery store and discovered the guy in front of you paid a different price for Tide with bleach based on the number of people in his family.  So, the bottom line that we took away from this change is that different users are paying different amounts for the same product.  We could see how they could say it’s a different product, because both ads can’t be served in the same spot – meaning, someone has to come up first, second, third, so on…

The crazy part is that some minimum bids for particular keywords are out of control – or at least we assume they’re out of control for everybody.  We’ve seen keywords with minimum bids that were over 3 dollars.  Who could sustain that?
Oh well.  We’re doing the best we can.  Can’t wait to here what goodies the Ask webinar has in store!  And we didn’t even mention how unmanageable we find the Panama interface (but, maybe that was the idea – they saw Google’s interface and said, “This looks hard to manage!  Let’s get us some of that!”)

Have a nice long Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Belated Victoria Day!

Your Friends at

post rentals free is taking off!

January 25, 2008

It's that time of year again - we're seeing a lot of growth in rental inventory at Property mangers, rental owners and lease holders alike are posting their listings as the warmer weather creeps every closer.
It's hard to say why inventory increases this time of year - maybe it's the snow birds, maybe its just a pleasent time of year to move, maybe it's the college students... who knows!
While lots of listings are getting posted, it's important for us to remind everyone of the basic tips: post pictures with your rental! It makes the online experience much better for everyone. It's also important to supply as much information as you can about your rental - the surrounding area, like parks, shopping and mass transportation. And it really helps if you can renew your listing often - this way, potential tenants know your listing is available and it gets sent back up to the top of the list of availablilites.
Thanks for checking in with us! Give us as call at 1-877-367-7368 (1-877-FOR-RENT) or visit us at!

Hello world!

November 5, 2007


Thanks for visiting our blog. We’ll keep you posted about all the changes happening as they go live on our site.


MissionOur mission is to provide a global marketplace where tenants and landlords can match ALL their housing needs. is not just for Sublets. At people from all over the world sign leases from one day to one decade; furnished and unfurnished, with roommates and without, with pets and without, with good credit and with bad credit, and at all price ranges. prides itself on maintaining a complete and updated database of every kind of rental. Whether your rental situation is unique or ordinary we can help you realize your rental needs.
Making the rental process easy!Before, the rental process was an overwhelming task that required tremendous effort, door to door travel, and usually a fee to agent. has facilitated the process of renting apartments and rooms by creating a full service rental medium where Landlords and Tenants find meet without exhausting effort or agents. Most rentals are 90% completed before you have to leave your computer terminal.First
Landlords, leaseholders and property managers post their apartment rentals and rooms for rent with detailed descriptions and photographs and adds: area descriptions, escrow service and credit reports.


Prospective tenants search the database of apartment rentals and rooms for rent using proprietary search software and store all potential rentals in a personalized database. From this personalized web page, tenants contact landlords and leaseholders via phone or email.

Updated Rentals
To make the rental process quick and easy, posts 1000’s new listings every week and updates its database apartment rentals and rooms daily. Over 5 years of business, has an industry leading 85% availability.

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How it all started In 1998, as a student at Columbia Business School, I decided to take an internship in London for the summer. Since I could not afford to pay two rents and did not want to give up my NYC apartment, I started calling “sublet wanted” notices posted at bus stops, subway stations, and student message boards. To my astonishment, I sublet my apartment in two days and was passing the incoming referrals to my classmates. Everything worked out in one satisfying transaction; I did not have to pay two rents or give up my apartment and a fellow graduate student from Chicago had a great apartment for her summer internship in Manhattan. The transaction went so smooth I started designing an Internet Marketplace where everyone in the world could match their rental needs and was born.Today is a division of Spyder Rentals, which also manages and Spyder Rentals offers a full array of rentals directly from owners, property managers or sublettors nationwide. The mission of Spyder Rentals is to make the apartment rental process an enjoyable task. Feel free to use the links below, to find an apartment rental or roommate, or post and apartment rental or room for rent. If you have any questions or suggestions send an email to the Support Team.

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Live Customer SupportIn addition to 24/7 online access at the We also have an outstanding support team waiting by the phones 7 days a week to help you navigate through the website. Whether your are a landlord trying to post an apartment for rent, or a tenant searching for an apartment or roommate, our qualified representatives are available to answer your questions. Our hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-5:00 PM and weekends 10:00-4:00 PM (EST)

Most questions can be answered at our Tenant and Landlord FAQ pages.

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In the NewsOne of our clients has been quoted in an article in the New York Times.

Finding sublets, he said, has been easy. Each time, he logs onto, types in his requirements and after paying a fee, gets access to the phone numbers of people who match his needs. He could easily find a new place in a day, he said, although he usually gives himself a week of lead time.”

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