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post rentals free is taking off!

January 25, 2008

It's that time of year again - we're seeing a lot of growth in rental inventory at Property mangers, rental owners and lease holders alike are posting their listings as the warmer weather creeps every closer.
It's hard to say why inventory increases this time of year - maybe it's the snow birds, maybe its just a pleasent time of year to move, maybe it's the college students... who knows!
While lots of listings are getting posted, it's important for us to remind everyone of the basic tips: post pictures with your rental! It makes the online experience much better for everyone. It's also important to supply as much information as you can about your rental - the surrounding area, like parks, shopping and mass transportation. And it really helps if you can renew your listing often - this way, potential tenants know your listing is available and it gets sent back up to the top of the list of availablilites.
Thanks for checking in with us! Give us as call at 1-877-367-7368 (1-877-FOR-RENT) or visit us at!