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Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama… eh…

May 22, 2008

We recently attended a ‘webinar’ that brought you up to speed on Yahoo Search Marketing’s changes to Panama, their pay per click advertising platform that’ they’ve modified from the simple brilliance of Overture, which they bought way back when.

The big change is that they’ve done away with the 10 cent minimum bids.  They used to be 5 cents, but that was a long while ago.  (Google is still 5 cents.)  Now, there are a number of factors that contribute to your (that’s YOUR) minimum bid for a given keyword.  The ad copy, the landing page and other factors go into calculating your ‘quality index score’ (we think), and this somehow calculates YOUR minimum bid.  We keep saying ‘YOUR’ because as we understand it, two users who bid on the same keyword could have a different minimum bid.  Imagine if you went to the grocery store and discovered the guy in front of you paid a different price for Tide with bleach based on the number of people in his family.  So, the bottom line that we took away from this change is that different users are paying different amounts for the same product.  We could see how they could say it’s a different product, because both ads can’t be served in the same spot – meaning, someone has to come up first, second, third, so on…

The crazy part is that some minimum bids for particular keywords are out of control – or at least we assume they’re out of control for everybody.  We’ve seen keywords with minimum bids that were over 3 dollars.  Who could sustain that?
Oh well.  We’re doing the best we can.  Can’t wait to here what goodies the Ask webinar has in store!  And we didn’t even mention how unmanageable we find the Panama interface (but, maybe that was the idea – they saw Google’s interface and said, “This looks hard to manage!  Let’s get us some of that!”)

Have a nice long Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Belated Victoria Day!

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Yahoo mail issue resolved

February 20, 2008

It took a while, but it seems finally have the Yahoo mail issue resolved, and hopefully, it won’t happen again.  It sounds like we finally have a good line of communication open and we hope to avoid another 6 day crisis.

Yahoo is defering our mails to our customers

February 15, 2008

It’s happening again!

It’s not the first time that Yahoo has decided to defer our mails to our customers.  It stands to reason that in any sort of online enterprise, email is a vital part of the business.  Our customers who are Yahoo mail users are depending on Yahoo to send our mails to them, but once again, they’ve stopped letting the mails through.  From a professionals standpoint, it’s annoying:  they never let you know that they’re doing this, you really have to hunt around to find out how to contact someone about it, and once you find a way to contact them, their reply is, let’s say, less than prompt.

We understand that Yahoo has specific email policies that they want followed, and we had no problem implementing them (although we had nearly all of them already in place), but now, a few bumps down the road, we’ve about given up trying to figure out why Yahoo decides to block our mails to our customers every few months or so.  Now, we’ve decided that we’ll have to recommend to our users to use a different email service – nearly everyone has more than one email account, and we don’t have this problem with anyone else.  We’re going to post something like this on our site:

Yahoo mail may defer your mail or inappropriately place it in the yahoo “Bulk” or “Spam” folder. If you have an email other than Yahoo, we recommend that you use that email.

It’s bizarre that  this sort of thing happens, never mind more than once.  We assume that after a few worrisome days and inconvenienced customers, the situation will be resolved.

We hope.

Nothing quite like high drama on a Friday!

Have a good weekend!